Our staff works endlessly to change the existing dialogue,raises awareness and assists hundreds of inquiries each year. In order to achieve these goals we have trained dozens of professionals in the field of sexual education throughout the country.

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Michal Prins

Founder and Content Manager

Married with four children and lives in Married with four children and lives in Gush Etzion. She holds a BA in social work and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.Michal founded the center in 2011 while writing her Masters Thesis at the Department of Gender studies at Bar Ilan University, regarding Orthodox womens sexuality after marriage.

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Yaara Yeshurun


Married with four children and lives in Mazkeret Batya . She holds a BA in political science and communication .

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Halel Rubin


Lives in Jerusalem . Holds a BA in Social Sciences. Administration, Program Coordinator. Married to Hanan, mother of six.

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Tally Rosenbaum

Academic Advisor for training course

individual and couples therapist and is certified as a sex therapist by the Israeli Sex Therapy Society (ITAM) and the American association AASECT. Talli teaches and lectures in sex therapy in various frameworks in Israel and abroad.

צוות מרכז יהל

Dr. Yocheved Debow

Academic Advisor for educators course

married and mother of 6, lives in Alon Shvut. She is a writer, educator and lecturer about Healthy Sexuality in the Orthodox Jewish world. Her doctorate from Bar Ilan Uuniversity focused on sexuality education in the Orthodox Jewish world. She has published curriculum as well as a book for parents: “Talking about Intimacy and Sexuality: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Parents” which will be published in Hebrew at the end of 2016.

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Rav Ilay Ofran

Academic Advisor, Mens' Course

Rav at Kvutzat Yavneh Kibbutz, Psychologist. Rabbi at ‘Tzahali’ pre-army program. Teacher at Herzog College . Married to Avital and father of four .

Yonit Reich