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Number of meetings: 14

Towards middle ages we approach a mental and physical roller coaster –
The hormonal changes, the heatwaves, the changing sexual desire, what is unspoken is the separation of the fertile womenhood and rebirth as a post Menopausal woman.
The establishment regard to this era is to shrug and say: ” It will pass ”.
You and I know that it’s a lot more. Something big is happening.

A holistic view of menopause sees changes in the uterus an opportunity to relearn and reorganize all the unresolved issues of our lives as adult women. As you reach your middle age you can be calm reknowing and relearning yourself as wiser and calmer.

In this process the uterus shrinks, again and again.
It is sometimes accompanied by hot flashes, cramps, increased bleeding.
It’s not always fun, but listening to the rewards is indescribable.

The course invites to women who want to deepen their understanding in the field, learn to respond to pre-menopausal women in assistance and be part of an initial group that wants to bring about social change.

The change that is required is profoundedly needed in modern society.

We want to put the wise older women in the center stage,these women who have already learned a thing or two about life.

The learning course will incorporate theory, practical assignments, personal – emotional observation, group dynamics and embarking on a two day journey in nature.
We will recognize and experiment with a variety of techniques for healing and facilitating the transition.

For the syllabus and more details – leave details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Second cycle

Guiding the journey: Einat Lev, Gynecosoph, who guides women in transition.


Opening on 06.05.20

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