Merkaz Yahel: The Center for the Jewish Intimacy, is a not for profit organization, established in 2012  in Jerusalem, Israel. The Merkaz was founded in order to meet a growing need in the Jewish community to address sexuality and intimacy in the context of Judaism and the Jewish community. Modern day teens and adults are bombarded by negative messages from movies and the media regarding intimacy and sexuality, that contorts and often degrades the Jewish approach to these matters. Young married couples suffer particularly as a result of this, as they attempt to build a healthy sexual and emotional relationships.
To respond to these issues, Merkaz Yahel was created as a central location for Jewish singles, couples and professionals to gain insight and information on this delicate subject. Among the diverse services provided by Merkaz Yahel, the center offers a twelve week training course for professionals and lay leaders alike, on the topic of Sexuality and Intimacy. In this course, teachers, medical professionals, therapists, etc. are trained in the details and intricacies involved in a physical relationship between two people, the development of Jewish thought and law related to sex and sex education, as well as a basic education in male and female anatomy and sexual stimuli. Through basic education, and private counseling Merkaz Yahel has been able to help many individuals and couples. For those who need further aid, Merkaz Yahel also serves as a referral point for sexologists, sex therapists, and other professionals in the field.

Our Vision: Marriage presents all couples, young and old, with new challenges.  Issues and questions surrounding intimacy often go unasked and unanswered.  Merkaz Yahel seeks to address and broaden the discussion of healthy intimacy and assist couples struggling with this challenge.  Our goal is to educate and provide couples and professionals with information and insight to a life of healthy intimacy with a Torah perspective.