A new booklet by Rabbi Dov Berkowitz about healthy sexuality education for boys.
 In the pamphlet, Rabbi Dov Berkowitz interprets a relevant doctrine of the Torahs’ educational attitudes toward the sexual maturation of our youth.
 In an  open discourse regarding the meaning of life and the changes young men endure regarding to jewish issues of young manhood.
 Rabbi Berkowitz’s covers this important educational issue from the perspective of the redemption of the body as part of the redemption of the land.
 “In a generation of regeneration of health we are invited and even demanded to educate our sons in a new light –
 In the things that bring them closer to the work of Hashem…
 To learn how the body is also a chariot for the spirit… how our body speaks spiritually.
  An adolescents growing awareness of the
 “blessing” regarding the sperm in his body must be a central pillar in the personal covenant that a healthy young man matures with a world of Torah is an alliance built on his work of virtue as an adolescent and an adult as the basis for his creative and infringing personality living  in this world. “

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